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Lawsuit Settled Involving Guest Injured by Scooter at Epcot


A man who sued Disney last year after a mobility scooter driver ran over his foot at Epcot has settled his lawsuit, according to recently filed court documents.

The Orlando Sentinel (TOS) reached out to the man in question’s attorney and Disney, however both declined to give the terms of the settlement. Please bare in mind the details of the settlement were not recorded in court documents.

Zachery Corn, a Tennessee resident who visited Walt Disney World Resort in 2017 when the incident happened filed the lawsuit for more than $15,000 in Orange Circuit Court.

This particular lawsuit was one of several featured in an TOS report this year about the rise in litigation stemming from the mobility scooters generally seen around the theme parks.

Corn suggested Disney of not doing enough to screen scooter drivers and instruct them how to operate their “devices”.

“It’s challenging for Disney to provide oversight on scooters or limit them,” one expert told the TOS in April.

“Theme parks are limited how they can regulate scooters because of federal law governing rights for people with disabilities,” said Kenneth Shiotani, senior staff attorney at the National Disability Rights Network.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel


  1. Odds are the man stepped in front of a moving scooter, which can not stop on a dime. Every month I spend a week driving a scooter at Disney World and I drive to avoid people, but there are those who incredibly suddenly change direction and step/cross right in front of a moving scooter, luckily (for them) I’ve been able to stop in time. It’s really no different than someone walking in front of someone else so close that they collide.

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