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Sofa Bed Lands on Guest at Disney’s Riviera Resort After Falling Out of the Wall


A sofa bed landed on a guest after falling out of the wall at Disney’s Riviera Resort, according to a post made by Hayley Ashby on The Secret Disney Facebook Group.

In the above post, Ashby stated she “woke up to a large bang” at Disney’s Riviera Resort to find her mom’s sofa bed fell out of the wall.

“She wasn’t moving or anything and it just collapsed onto her. Me and my sister had to struggle to lift up the bed to have her be able to roll out from underneath the bed.”

Hayley Ashby

The fortunate news is that Ashby’s mom only suffered bumps and scrapes, nothing serious. However, all involved were shaken up.

Ashby hopes Disney can get this figured out before someone is seriously injured. Having contacted the resort’s front desk, Disney did in fact react appropriately.

“They did ask if we needed 911 but we were all okay, they will be coming the morning to somehow fix/resolve the issue.”

Hayley Ashby

We’ve reached out to Disney for comment on this particular story.

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