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WATCH: Guests Climb on Carousel of Progress Stage


UPDATE RELATED: Carousel of Progress Set Suffers Minor Damage After Guests Climbed on Stage

Tonight, guests climbed/jumped onto the stage during a scene at Carousel of Progress (COP) in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.

A video of the incident started “marking the rounds” online this evening of Saturday 7th December, 2019. Watch below:

As you can seen in the video above, a couple of guests climbed/jumped on stage during one of the attractions scene. It’s been reported that some of COP’s props were damaged.

It’s fair to suggest that whilst there’s not a lot of correct/confirmed information about the incident, the video speaks for itself. 

Reports from other outlets covering the incident have suggested that following:

  • Reports state the guests were under the influence of something – drugs has been widely reported.
  • Another report states that another guest tried to get the 2 males off of the stage. 
  • Another report states that a Cast Member stepped in after a few minutes.

As of writing this article, there is no confirmed information about the incident apart from what can be seen in the video above. DO NOT TRY THIS EVER!

Source: Doctor Disney


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