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Disney Offers Complimentary 1-Day Park Hoppers and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Fastpasses to Guests Whose Boarding Groups Were Unable to Accommodate


Yesterday was the grand opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (SW:ROTR) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Hollywood Studios). The highly-anticipated opened to rave reviews from guests, despite a shutdown and evacuation earlier in the day.

Guests lined up as early as 4:00am yesterday morning to get the chance to experience ROTR, and its fair to say they were not disappointed. Disney put a virtual queue in place to manage crowds and reduce wait times.

Guests were told to use the My Disney Experience app to join a boarding group. They were then given a boarding number. When joining a boarding group, guests saw the following message: “A boarding group does not guarantee entry to” SW:ROTR.

Having received their boarding group (number), guests were then able to ride other attractions and explore other areas of Hollywood Studios as they waited for their number to be called.

When their boarding group was ready, the app sent them an alert that they could then proceed to SW:ROTR. Boarding groups were filled for the day at around 8:30 yesterday morning, with just over 150 boarding groups scheduled throughout the day.

Guests have been able to experience ROTR with a number calling it “the best attraction Disney has to offer”. Hollywood Studios closed at 10:00pm.

As it got closer to park closing, it became evident that some guests who received later boarding groups would not be able to ride, as they were warned when receiving their boarding group number. Example can be found below:

“Kenny (Kenny the Pirate) was issued Boarding Group number 141 the second time around (he rode it earlier this morning) but has just received notification that his boarding group cannot be accommodated.”

Jamie Fonseca, Kenny the Pirate

It would be fair to say Disney is doing its best to make up for the affect groups. Disney has offered guests a Fastpass+ valid for today, 6th December, for any attraction including Rise of the Resistance.

Credit: Mike – Blog Mickey

If that wasn’t enough! Disney has also added a complimentary 1-Day Park Hopper ticket to impacted guest’s accounts as well. THIS IS EXTREMELY AWESOME & GENEROUS! Guests were warned that a boarding group was not a guarantee that they will experience ROTR.

Source: Kenny the Pirate

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