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Lawsuit Claims Family Felt Insects Crawling in Mouths After Eating Food at Disney Restaurant


The incident happened in December 2018, the lawsuit was filled in August 2019.

A lawsuit filed against Disney alleges one of the resort restaurants had food contaminated with insects that made a visiting family ill.

“The complaint obtained from court files” by WESH 2 Investigates includes photos that show insects on food that Brittany Walker Figueroa and her family claim was served to them on 2 different days whilst at Disney’s Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World Resort last December.

They (Figueroa family) said the food was prepared by the Oasis Bar and Grill. The family is suing for negligence, claiming the food was dangerous and hazardous condition and caused illnesses after eating the chicken lettuce wraps.

The lawsuit alleges the family felt insects crawling inside their mouths. At the hearing Disney contended there’s no clear allegation that the family actually ate the food, despite the fact that the word consumed is listed 13 times.

Whilst the plaintiff’s attorney argued for clear negligence, the judge agreed moire with Disney, especially with the argument against the allegation of permanent injury. The judge granted Disney’s motion to dismiss…

…However! The judge gave the plaintiffs 20 days to amend the complaint. WESH 2 Investigates went through the inspection records for the Oasis Bar and Grill and found 7 inspections from March 2018 to last month.

In those 7 inspections, 24 violations were noted with 4 HIGH priority violations. During last April’s inspection, unwashed fruits and vegetables, including unwashed lettuce and tomatoes were specifically cited as a repeat violation. 

Source: WESH 2

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