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CNN Offers Scene-By-Scene Spoilers After Riding Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance


It would be fair to suggest that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (ROTR) is possibly Disney’s most anticipated attraction ever.

As we inch closer to its opening day on 5th December, 2019 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the attraction spoilers keep on coming!

Today, CNN released an exclusive look at ROTR, featuring a scene-by-scene breakdown and additional facts and figures. A fair amount of this information is new! So without further ado, let’s get into the get into it.


ROTR has a ride length of 18 minutes (officially confirmed somewhat). The story behind the attraction is in-depth but familiar.

You are recruited to form an element of The Resistance and are sent on a mission by a holographic Rey and an animatronic BB-8.

From there, you’ll board the first ride vehicle, a standing-room only Resistance Intersystem Transport Ship, piloted by 2 animatronic aliens – Mon Calamari and a Sullustan.

As you leave the plant Batuu, your ship is intercepted by the First Order, and a tractor beam pulls you on to a Star Destroyer, where a “phalanx” 50 intimidating animatronic Stormtroopers await you upon your arrival.

You’re then placed in a holding cell and interrogated by projections of the evil Kylo Ren and General Hux (presented as projects).

Suddenly, you manage to escape the clutches of the First Order (1however you’ll have to ride to find out how) only to be chased through the ship by an animatronic Kylo Ren and an army of Stormtroopers.

You’ll then transfer to a seated First Order Fleet Transport as an astromech droid drives you through the labyrinth-like ship dodging blaster fire, skirting laser cannons and ducking Kylo Ren’s glowing, crackling lightsaber as it penetrates the ceiling above!

Finally you’re jettisoned off the ship in an escape pod that acts as the ride’s cinematic drop.

1: Some kind of hologram-esque technology we can imagine. Just as you seen in Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man per say.

The attraction has been set up to be something quite incredible. ROTR features a number of audio animatronics, holograms, lasers and the most technologically-advanced ride system Imagineering has ever developed: a trackless vehicle that moves horizontally and vertically.

Scott Trowbridge, Imagineer on the ROTR project, claims that 5 years and 5 million lines of code have been used in the attraction.

Trowbridge designed ROTR as a 3-act experience, harkening more towards a fully immersive experience than just a ride-through attraction.

There are 65 animatronics through the entire ROTR experience: both Kylo Ren and General Hux appear as projections and animatronics, according to WDWNT’s Spencer Lloyd.

Disney partnered with Panasonic to develop custom-made projectors and lenses that took several years of development to achieve the right level of sharpness and depth.

Furthermore, three immesenly-detailed humanoid animatronics required special “pancake” motors to create realistic movement without overheating.

Disney have even developed proprietary effects to simulate later blasts and other essential effects.

We’re to take a ride through ROTR it’s fair to say! Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone tomorrow as we’ll be covering the live dedication ceremony taking place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios tomorrow.

We’ll also be covering the grand opening of the attraction the day after!

Source: CNN Business

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