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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Promotional Material Installed at Orlando International Airport


The Force is strong today throughout Orlando International Airport with the debut of new décor (promotional material) that helps travellers feel as if they’ve stepped into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney is the first organisation the airport has invited to create artistic renderings that wrap shuttle stations within the airline terminals. It’s a creative first for Central Florida’s major transport hub that welcomes almost 50 million passengers each year.

As travellers arrive in Orlando and prepare to board shuttles for the airport’s Main Terminal, they will see life-size depictions of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that look as if visitors could step right into the new land.

Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

A particular scene creates a dimensional landscape that feels as if visitors are standing inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, where travellers can see the Millennium Falcon and other landmarks in the new land.

In another scene, it appears as if Firsts Order Stormtroopers are waiting to step off the shuttle as the train arrives in the station. Combined, these representations of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge stretch longer than 8 full-size buses. They will remain in place into 2020.

More new fun and excitement from a galaxy far, far away can be had elsewhere inside Orlando International Airport.

Also debuting today at the Magic of Disney store in the Main Terminal West Hall – available to all airport guests, with or without boarding passes – is a new photo location featuring droids from the Star Wars galaxy.

Credit: Disney

When the airport’s 2nd Magic of Disney store, in the Main Terminal East Hall, reopens 22nd November, 2019, it will feature a 36-foot-long video screen on the exterior wall showing scenes from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Source: WDWNews

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