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Universal Will Not Be Cited for Electric Shocks at Volcano Bay


According to an OSHA report, Universal Orlando will not be cited for electrical issues that caused lifeguards and guests to get shocked at its water park, Volcano Bay in June.

The federal agency released the finding of its investigation into the incident this week. In its report, OSHA said that Universal was unaware of the issue.

On the 2nd June, 5 lifeguards were taken to a hospital for observation after they reported feeling electrical shocks while walking on wet surfaces at Volcano Bay. Guests at the water park also reported feeling shocks.

Technicians were called out to the park and measured small voltages in and around “20-30 volts” on the ground and the footpath.

Volcano Bay was forced to shut down early that particular day, with Universal citing the incident “technical issues.”

A few days later, Universal published an update statement confirming the problem was electrical. At the time of the incident, spokesperson Tom Schroder stated the following:

“We have spent the hours and day since Sunday testing and re-testing our electrical system across the entire park. We have made repairs and modifications to our electrical system.”

Tom Schroder, Universal spokesperson

Universal officials said the cause of the issue was damage to electrical wiring during construction of Volcano Bay, according to the OSHA report. The water park opened back in 2017.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel

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