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Discovery Cove Welcomes Dreamflight Guests to Spend Unforgettable Time with Dolphins


Discovery Cove in Orlando welcome 192 children with serious illnesses and disabilities for an unforgettable day in paradise to swim and learn more about dolphins. This is the 18th consecutive year that Discovery Cove has hosted the group.

The visit was arranged by Dreamflight, a company based in the United Kingdom that organises an annual 10-day trip to Orlando, offering amazing memories for children and the team of volunteer doctors, nurses and physiotherapists among others.

“Our entire team looks forward to this visit every year, working alongside the Dreamflight crew to create a truly unforgettable experience for these children. I commend Dreamflight for their continued efforts and for everyone on our team who give it their all to create memories these children will cherish forever.”

Kyle Miller, Discovery Cove President

A 40-strong team of Discovery Cove and SeaWorld Orlando ambassadors worked hand-in-hand for days in advance to prepare the paradise for this visit.

Their efforts included levelling sand and installing plans on the beaches for wheelchair access and amenities to support children during their interactions with the dolphins.

“Dreamflight could not operate without the support of great partners like Discovery Cove, and the hundreds of volunteers from the United Kingdom, and the great state of Florida, who work tirelessly to give these deserving children a trip of a lifetime.”

Sally Wrampling, Dreamflight Director  

Source: Attractions Magazine

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