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Disney Does a U-turn on FuelRod Swap Fee at Walt Disney World

Credit: WDWNT

Free swaps will continue to be offered.

Update: The 2 photos below show the Fee signage on kiosks removed.

Credit: WDWNT
Credit: WDWNT

Original Post: According to Mike at Blog Mickey, Disney will not be implementing the $3 swap fee which was advertised on kiosks within Disney Parks and Resorts (Walt Disney World Resort in our particular coverage’s case). The swap fee was due to go into effect today, 1st November, 2019.

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“The wording that we were given said that a decision has been made to not implement the swap fee at this time and that guests will be able to continue swapping their FuelRods for free.”

Mike – Blog Mickey

The Blog Mickey owner and writer makes a very valid point: FuelRod has made a number of public statements on Twitter suggesting that the “host location sets the pricing”, so it would appear this a decision by Disney.

Not to mention this u-turn comes on the back of a class action lawsuit filed over the revealed swap fees. We believe that’s the crux for this u-turn. This a developing story at this time, so stay tuned to this post.

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