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Disney Patents New Type of Scent Technology


Disney is looking to develop a new scent technology which will allow for more immersive attractions at the theme parks, according to a patent published on the 29th August, 2019.  

According to WDWNT, this patent would indicate that Disney are trying to improve the already-existing technology, the “smellitzer”.

The new scent technology titled on the patent, “scent blending” would allow a scent to be introduced slowly, instead of all at once.

Using the above-mentioned technology would allow the introduction of multiple scents for a more immersive experience for the guest.

It cannot be confirmed nor denied on whether Disney might use this technology in the near future. 

However, should Disney use this technology. Current “smellitzer” technology in existing attractions would require renovations, which is a huge undertaking in our opinion. 

Use of this new technology in new attractions, which are still in development, seems more likely at this time. Again, should Disney use this technology. 

Diagrams relating to the technology can be found below.

1: Again, focusing on the Walt Disney World Resort.

Source: WDWNT, Orlando Business Journal

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