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The Food & Desserts of Halloween Horror Nights 2019! Everything you need to know


Here’s everything you need to know about the food and desserts available at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando Resort.

Netflix’s Stranger Things Food, Deserts

Starcourt Mall (location – tents outside Monsters Café and Finnegan’s)

Guests will get a taste of the Starcourt Mall with a number of dishes inspired by iconic mall dining.


Ole Amigo: Here, guests will be able to enjoy Grilled Street Corn and Nachos Queso Fundidio.

Impeerial Panda: Guests will be able to grab a bento box with an Orange Chicken Bao Bun, Szechuan Beef Pot Sitckers and fried Wonton Chips, complete with ginger soy dipping sauce.

Hawkins Heroes: Here, guests can head over to Hawkins Heroes for a Turkey or Veggie Hero sandwich + a variety of classic sandwiches.


Merrill’s Mini Pumpkin Doughnuts: Guests will be able to indulge on 11 pumpkin mini dounuts on a bed of cookie crumbles topped with a frosting drizzle.  

Triple Decker Extravaganza: This is a returning dessert! Here, guests will be able to enjoy a scrumptious stack of waffles, whipped cream and candy that was featured on Season 2 of Stranger Things.  

Sony Pictures’ Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Popcorn – Snack  

Location: Popcorn Carts

This is the perfect snack for guests to fuel you whilst you’re on the go! Guests will be able to get their hands on a popcorn bucket inspired by the containment unit for the proton pack from Ghostbusters.

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


Pizza Fries (location – KidZone Pizza Company): These much-loved fries are piled high with select meats, a marinara sauce with a ton of cheese. Guests simply love them!  

Twisted Tater: These yummy potato swirls come with a number of dips which include Sour Cream and Chive, Seasoned Salt and more.

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

New Eat & Treat! S’more Fries

Food/Dessert, location: KidZone Pizza Company

Pizza fries with a dessert twist. They’re here! S’mores Fries are here! This delicious treat features sweet potato fries, marshmallow, chocolate chips and cracker crumbs. You could say it’s a fo-sert!

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Find out more about the drinks and CityWalk Food offerings at this year’s event here.

Halloween Horror Nights is taking place on select nights now through to the 2nd November, 2019.

Learn more about Halloween Horror Nights 2019 and purchase tickets for the event here.

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