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Tokyo Disney Resort Closure Extended Until Early April

Tokyo Disney Resort has extended its closure until early April this year due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Tokyo Disneyland’s expansion grand opening...

Tokyo Disney Resort Closed Until 15th March Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

The Oriental Land Company has announced that Tokyo Disney Resort will be closed until the 15th March, 2020, due to the...

Tokyo Disney Resort Releases Updated Guidelines in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

The Oriental Land Company has released updated guidelines for preventing the spread of the Coronavirus at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Face Character Greetings Reduced to “Guest-less” Photos at Tokyo Disney Resort

We reported yesterday that face Character greetings around Tokyo Disney Resort, including Ariel’s Greeting Grotto...

Ticket Price Increases Announced for Tokyo Disney Resort

The Oriental Land Company announced that ticket prices will be increasing at Tokyo Disney Resort starting...

Face Character Meet & Greets Suspended at Tokyo Disney Resort Due to Coronavirus

After the temporary allowance of Cast Members wearing face masks, it would appear more precautions area now in place at Tokyo Disney Resort.
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