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WATCH: Guest Causes Disturbance in Disney Skyliner Queue 


Disney World Karen Alert! Watch a guest cause a disturbance in a queue for Disney Skyliner in the video below. 

Credit: @abigails_stl (TikTok)

@abigails_stl The cast members at Disney are saints! They can’t say it but I can… this lady was a Bitch! #disney #disneyskyliner #dontbeakaren #karen #language #epcot #byekaren #disneyworld ♬ original sound – Abigails Boutique

As you can see in the above video, the guest initially starts arguing with someone further up in the queue.  

After that argument ends, the guest then turns her attention to another guest closer.  As she starts to lose her temper, the guest began shouting and sticking her middle finger at the closer guest. 

Following that confrontation, the guest started to argue with others around her (front and behind). It’s unclear what happened after the video ended.

The disturbance occurred during unexpected downtime after Disney Skyliner broke down. It’s also unclear which loading station this occurred at.

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