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Guests Express Disappointment Over Universal Express During Halloween Horror Nights 32 Opening Weekend


Guests have taken to X to express their disappointment over Universal Express during the opening weekend of Halloween Horror Nights 32 at Universal Studios Florida over the last few days. 

On the 3rd September, 2023, X user @PhonesAndDrones posted the following with a photo:

“HHN opening weekend was a BLAST but the express pass situation was beyond disappointing @UniversalORL for the price we pay for them. These issues should not exist and I hear I’m not alone.” 

Credit: @PhonesAndDrones

@PhonesAndDrones was correct, they weren’t alone. On the same day, X user @SnowyOwlTwit shared their views in the replies of a Universal Orlando post. You can read what @SnowyOwlTwit posted below:

First Post: 

“Fix the #HHN32 Express Pass Lines. Told by employees working lines that they’re told to dump the Standby line 1st, then let Express in. We waited, as over 200 people went before us in stand by, even [though] we were the only 2 in the Express Line. We PAID to Wait LONGER than stand by. 


Second Post: 

“Its very unfair practice [two] charge ppl in EXPRESS & have them wait up to 20 additional mins while standby flies by. Its all over FB groups. I’m sure people [are] going [to] STOP buying Express because of it. Express means express – not, we will get [to you] after we get these 500 people in.” 


Following @SnowyOwlTwit’s posts, Universal Orlando (via @UniversalORL on X) responded by saying: 

“Hello. We always strive to ensure that the wait times in the express queues in less than the posted standby wait time, and we apologise if you visit did not reflect that. Please be assured that your feedback will be shared with the appropriate teams for review.” 


You can find more X posts from disappointed guests below:

We’re in the process of reaching out to Universal Orlando to try and find out more. Stay tuned for possible updates. In our opinion, we believe the issue is just a blip because it’s the opening weekend.

Did you attend the opening weekend of HHN 32 at Universal Studios Florida? Did you have the same experience as the above guests did with Universal Express? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Have express with Rush of Fear… My wife and I were there in that Oddfellow express line with our best friend and we got so sad and frustrated by how long it took. It’s rare to see my best friend actually get frustrated by something, he’s so happy go lucky. What sucks too is that it absolutely left a bad taste in our mouth for that house originally… did it twice Sunday and it’s the #1 house there this week and probably one of my top 5 houses of all time.

  2. Funny, I was there opening weekend. And putting into account for the four day weekend and the extra people there because of it. And I been using express every night since it opened and so t see how a 25 min wait express is disappointing compared to a 40 min wait… that is still quicker… express comes with no guarantee in being half the time… just faster than the regular line… get a grip people and find something out that worth complaining about… the world is filled with bigger problems.

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