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Guest Reportedly Suffered Medical Emergency at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon 


According to a post on Reddit, a guest reportedly suffered a medical emergency at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon yesterday. 

FYI: The information was posted in a thread on the fan-run Walt Disney World community page on the social media platform. 

Approximately one day ago, u/joinedredditforhelp started the thread ‘Typhoon Lagoon Accident Today’ with the following:

“To anyone that witnessed the incident at Typhoon Lagoon today [yesterday], the individual did live and was able to be wheeled off. A lot of concerned people watched the resuscitation efforts and got moved away before complete and we’re looking for answers and some closure. They did revive him and all is good for those looking for some answers.” 

In the thread comments, u/joinedredditforhelp posted the following about the incident itself: 

“No was in the wave pool* and got his head smacked and knocked out in the water for a bit. Asphyxiated on the water while unconscious and lifeguards revived him.”

*referring to Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool.

At this time, this is all the information we have. We’re in the process of reaching out to Walt Disney World to find out more. Stay tuned as we investigate further. 

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H/T Reddit 

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