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Man Caught Stealing Merchandise at Universal Orlando 


The incident occurred on the 4th November, 2022.  

According to a recently released Orlando Police report (via WDWNT), a woman in a wheelchair had two bags of stolen Universal Orlando merchandise hidden under a Grinch blanket on her lap. 

The woman wasn’t arrested or charged with a crime, however, the man with her was. 22-year-old Alexander Gill was the name of the man apprehended. 

According to Orange County Circuit Court Records (via WDWNT), Gill was charged with third-degree felony grand theft for stealing items worth more than $750. 

The woman and Gill were inside the Universal Studios Store when a loss prevention officer (LPO) noticed Gill take a retro pin set worth $16 from a display and then hide it in his back pants pocket, according to the report (via WDWNT).

Gill didn’t pay for the pin set, so the LPO confronted him. The officer asked the 22-year-old from Avon Park, Florida for the items back. 

The woman in the wheelchair and Gill went with the officer to the investigations office. That’s when authorities learned the woman had two bags of unpaid merchandise hidden under a Grinch-themed blanket. 

According to the report (via WDWNT), the blanket also hadn’t been paid for. Gill had no receipts, according to the established outlet. 

Gill was arrested for taking the merchandise. All the stolen items (41 in total) were worth about $775, the report said (via WDWNT). 

“Orlando Police did not respond immediately to questions why the woman was not arrested and if she was aware the items were stolen. WDWNT also asked what was her relationship with Gill. Those details were all missing in the police report. We’re not naming the woman’s identity because online court records show she wasn’t charged with a crime.”

Tom Corless, WDWNT

According to Orange County Circuit Court Records (via WDWNT), Gill pleaded not guilty last month. Stay tuned for further updates.

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