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Hello Kitty Store at Universal Studios Florida Officially Closed [Update]

Credit: Orlando Park Stop

We have sad news for you Hello Kitty fans! The Hello Kitty store at Universal Studios Florida has officially closed. 

Located in Production Central, the Hello Kitty Store was part of a combined store that included Betty Boop, Funko, and general Universal Studios Florida merchandise. 

According to Inside Universal, Universal has been removing the Hello Kitty theme and decor in the store for the past several months. It would appear the section is being prepared for whatever is coming next! 

The Hello Kitty Store replaced Lucy: A Tribute back in 2016. Stay tuned for further updates (including the store’s replacement). 

Update: According to WDWNT, the store’s floor is being redone. However, we cannot confirm this. Find out more here.

Update #2: Orlando Theme Park Zone’s Josh spoke to a Team Member about the store and they told him it “should reopen.” Stay tuned for more!

Update #3: The Hello Kitty Store at Universal Orlando has reopened with new flooring.

Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for more Orlando theme park-related news and information.

H/T Inside Universal 

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