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PHOTO: Guest Served Mouldy Bread Roll During Meal at EPCOT’s Coral Reef


We really hope the guest and the rest of their party were served fresh bread rolls. 

48 hours ago, Reddit user u/emmyloo22 posted a photo of a mouldy bread roll they were served during a meal at EPCOT’s Coral Reef. You can find the photo u/emmyloo22 posted below: 

Credit: u/emmyloo22 (Reddit)

Two days ago, u/emmyloo22 started a thread on the social media platform titled ‘Last meal of our trip featured [mouldy], stale bread at Coral Reef. Overall, the quality was noticeably down across the parks’ by posting the above photo. 

FYI: The photo was posted in a thread on the fan-run Walt Disney World community page of reddit. 

Since the thread was started, it has had almost 325 replies. You can read a handful of interesting ones below.

u/kenyonator: “Prices continue to increase as quality to decrease. Eventually it will come back to bite them. It may take a long time because of who they are, but even Disney World isn’t immune to the consequences of bad service.” 

u/Pinkgymnast29: “I also noticed the quality of the food at pretty much every restaurant I went to (table service or quick service) was lower than when I went 3 years ago. Was definitely disappointed to be paying more for less quality.” 

u/madagent: “The people who rave about Disney old the past year or two are insane. They are obsessed with Disney to the point where nothing can be bad to them, even [mouldy] shitty food. The price you pay is insane for it. I’ll never forget getting a “Bratwurst” sandwich at German Pavilion and it was basically a shitty hotdog. Like the Johnsonville stuff you grill at home tasted way way better. What they sold me was some bulk made cheapest of the cheap brand.” 

Have you ever been served something mouldy at a Walt Disney World restaurant recently? Let us know in the comments below. 

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