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IAAPA Expo: “Some” Media Attendees Behaved Unprofessionally [Update]   



In a series of tweets posted almost 20 hours ago, IAAPA Expo’s Caitlin Dineen (director of Global Communications) revealed some media attendees behaved unprofessionally at this year’s event. 

You can the tweets Dineen posted below: 

Tweet #1:

“I’m deeply upset to hear about the unprofessional behaviour of some media attendees at IAAPA Expo this year. It doesn’t appear it was done by officially welcomed by IAAPA through my press and influencer program, but there’s no place for that on our trade show floor.”

Caitlin Dineen (@CaitlinDineen)

Tweet #2:

“Our show is a spectacular place for global attractions industry to come together to do business, attend educational sessions, and network. We love the media who can tell that story and share our industry news.”

Caitlin Dineen (@CaitlinDineen)

Tweet #3: 

“All that means when you’re at Expo as someone outside the industry you’ve been given a gift and the chance to see *how* the business of fun comes together. Let’s all respect the business element so we can keep the fun going. End.

Caitlin Dineen (@CaitlinDineen)

Whilst we’re unsure what exactly happened, the behaviour of some has upset and angered those who behaved professionally. You can read several replies to Dineen’s tweets (tweeted statement of sorts) below:

Unconfirmed at this time. Maybe some YouTubers need to stay away.

If you’re one of the media attendees that behaved unprofessionally, shame on you. You’re ruining it for attendees that do a fantastic job covering the event. 

If you witnessed misbehaving media attendees, let us know what you saw in the comments below. 

Update: Another statement about behaviour at IAAPA Expo has come to our attention. Read below: 

“I can’t believe this has to be said but I think its completely inappropriate/disrespectful that *enthusiasts* granted access to the IAAPA tradeshow would feel so entitled to go on and bash a ride manufacturer for not giving them face time when at a place of business where multi million dollar deals are being made and companies entire livelihoods are at stake. IAAPA is a place of business and not meant for fans to run around and fawn over their favourite designers or manufacturers.”  

James N (@CanobieFan)

Update #2: A statement from Coaster Studios’ Taylor Bybee has released a statement regarding IAAPA.

FYI: We haven’t publically named Bybee and his team member as the media attendees behaving unprofessionally.

Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for Orlando theme park-related news and information. 

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  1. It was those 2 from name redacted, both were extremely rude to numerous companies and other attendees. name redacted and name redacted should be banned in the future until they can grow up and act like professionals.

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