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Man Sneaks Himself & Child Into Magic Kingdom, Charged With Battery After Altercations


A man tried to take his child to the Magic Kingdom for free. Instead, it landed him in jail. 

According to a recently released Orange County Sheriff’s Office report (via WDWNT), Baica Crisan was arrested on the 19th August. Crisan is a 37-year-old Romanian citizen from Virginia. 

Court records (via WDWNT) show that Crisan has been charged with two counts of misdemeanour battery.

According to the report (via WDWNT), Crisan made his way through the turnstiles at the front of the Magic Kingdom without paying or showing a pass. 

A Disney security manager tried to stop Crisan and wanted him to either explain himself or show his ticket. Instead, Crisan pushed the manager’s left shoulder and kept going. 

A Disney “investigator” followed the 38-year-old man down Main Street, U.S.A. and tried to intervene. But once again, Crisan pushed him out of the way too. 

According to the report (via WDWNT), the two Disney employees were not injured. Throughout this bizarre encounter, Crisan acted as if he didn’t know English, the Disney employees said. 

Crisan “had a good command of the English language,” the report said (via WDWNT). The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was called in to assist Disney. 

An Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputy reviewed video surveillance that showed “Crisan walking through the front entrance with one child without using ticket media of any kind and not paying for admission. The cost of admission for both would have been $210,” according to the report (via WDWNT). 

The report didn’t give the child’s age. The sheriff’s deputy also interviewed Crisan “who kept pretending for some time that he could not speak English. A little over 2 hours later Crisan began to speak and understand English,” the report said (via WDWNT). 

Crisan was arrested and taken to Orange County Jail. The two Disney employees involved wanted to prosecute Crisan and agreed to testify in court.

“Crisan resides in Virginia. Due to living out of the state of Florida his bonds were doubled,” the report said (via WDWNT). Stay tuned for further updates.

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