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Historical Google Earth Satellite Images of Universal Orlando 


You can really see the resort develop in these images!

Back in February 2021, Twitter user @tommyhawkins posted a number of historical Google Earth satellite images of Universal Orlando (1995 – 2021). 

With that being said, let’s take a look at the historical Universal Orlando satellite images @tommyhawkins posted last year. 

PLEASE NOTE: Original captions for the images will be provided (find at the bottom of the article). This will allow you, the reader, to know what you are looking at. Additionally, click on the image to enlarge it. 

Universal Orlando

Photo Captions

  • 1995: UOR* 1995
  • 1996: UOR 1996 – Notice how there’s no Hard Rock
  • 2004: UOR 2004
  • 2012: UOR 2012: Help me out here, what hotel is being built top left?
  • 2014: UOR 2014: Realised it is Cabana Bay top left, see Sapphire isn’t built yet
  • 2016: UOR 2016: [Universal’s] Volcano Bay starting to be built
  • 2018: UOR 2018: Weirdly the most recent from Google is this year, notice how the tiny little silver of expansion space top left for VB. They’re maxed out, epically. 
  • 2021: UOR January 2021

*Universal Orlando Resort

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