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Man with Loaded Black Handgun Caught Trying to Open Car Doors in Magic Kingdom Parking Lot

Credit: WDWNT

A man loitering around the Magic Kingdom parking lot for approximately 10 minutes tried to gain entry into more than a dozen vehicles this summer. 

He was confronted by law enforcement who discovered the man had a loaded gun with him, according to a recently released Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrest report (via WDWNT). 

The man was arrested and is charged with carrying a concealed firearm, loitering, and a traffic violation for his suspended driver’s license.

The name of the man arrested is Jordan Brown, he’s 28-years-old, and from Haines City, Florida. Brown was arrested on the 8th August.  

Disney security realised Brown was “trying to open door handles on multiple vehicles that were parked in multiple rows,” the arrest report said (via WDWNT). 

“The staff watching the video surveillance advised the male raised a key fob into the air and started acting as if he was trying to find his vehicle. They advised he also pulled out a cellphone.” 

Detective Cody Rowinsky later watched the video surveillance video and saw Brown trying to open “over a dozen vehicles in the parking lot to include cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and minivans.” 

After trying to open the vehicles, Brown apparently gave up and left the Transportation and Ticket Center in a grey Cadillac sedan. 

The sheriffs intercepted the Cadillac on World Drive near the tollbooth and pulled Brown over to ask questions about his suspicious behaviour in the parking lot. 

“I [asked the driver] if he was a little lost and he replied he went down there and put something as a surprise for his girlfriend. He stated he had to slip something [into] her car so she did not know and she was at Disney right now. He advised he had a hard time finding the car. I asked him what type of car he was looking for and he advised a silver Elantra,” the sheriff’s detective wrote in the arrest report (via WDWNT). 

Brown gave his ID to the detective and explained about his lengthy traffic problems. The arrest “noted” Brown had multiple suspensions and issues with his driver’s license. 

“As he was handing me the ID card, Brown stated he has not gotten a [driver’s] license because he just paid off all his tickets and they told him he had to wait 30 days. As Brown was explaining the issue with his [driver’s] license. I observed a black handgun on the driver’s floorboard immediately below Brown and within immediate reach of him,” the arrest report said (via WDWNT). 

“I drew my agency issue firearm and ordered him out of the vehicle based on the (suspicion) of loitering and prowling and the presence of a firearm.” 

Brown was put into handcuffs. Authorities couldn’t find any records of Brown having a concealed weapons permit in Florida. However, he did have one in Alabama, but that one expired last year. 

The gun added a felony charge to Brown’s other charges, which are both misdemeanours. 

“Brown was knowingly carrying about his person a firearm on the floorboard of the driver’s seat. The firearm was loaded with a full magazine and a round in the chamber. It was not securely and encased and was readily accessible to him while he was sitting in the driver seat,” the arrest report said (via WDWNT). 

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