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Guest Shares Recent Walt Disney World Experience, Expresses Disappointment and Hurt 


Honestly, this was a hard read! Twitter user @Ptook86 (Ptook) posted about their recent Walt Disney World experience yesterday. You can read what Ptook tweeted below: 

#DisTwitter I really feel like my family has held on as long as we can. All the jokes aside, the annoyance with @WaltDisneyWorld has moved past frustration to just hurt and disappointment. Sent them this today and it best sums it up. A few will understand…

My wife and I have been coming to Disney World for 10 years together. We got engaged in Disney, Honeymooned in Disney, brought our families to Disney, and then eventually brought our baby to Disney (he’s 3 and this will be his third trip). 

All told we have probably spent close to $100,000 in the last decade. And I have never been as frustrated, disappointed, and upset as I am at this moment. We have a ten-day stay at Fort Wilderness coming up (we just bought a trailer…mainly for this purpose)>

We have two sets of our family coming at different times. We wanted to go to Epcot 4/2, MK [Magic Kingdom], 4/3, and DHS [Disney’s Hollywood Studios] 4/5. There are no reservations at DHS 4/4 – 4/7, so we wanted to go 4/8. But a 3-day ticket with first use on 4/2 expires on 4/6. 

MK doesn’t have reservations 4/4 – 4/7 so we can’t even switch our plans. I called yesterday and was told there is nothing they can do for us. [The] only options were to spend more money for 2-day passes and a 1-day pass in separate orders. 

We are staying at a Disney Resort for 10 days and want to go to a park [on] 3 of those days and can only do those 3 parks during the first 5 days we are there. It is illogical and really insulting for the amount of money we have spent and are spending. 

And on top of that, we had a reservation for 5 people for O’Hana and wanted to add 2 more [people] and were told no…we just have to keep checking for openings. 

What happened here? When did this happen to the place we fell in love with? We spent a lot of money when we didn’t have the resources we have now…because we felt it was worth it and we got what we paid for. Not so much anymore. 

We changed our plans to two park days and we are skipping DHS. Our 3 year old will get one less day in the park. And we cancelled our reservation for O’Hana and will go to dinner off property with our entire family, instead of just the 5 we originally planned. 

We brought this trailer intending to spend 1/5-3 weeks every year at Fort Wilderness. But it just doesn’t make sense anymore. We are looking for next year already and we are considering Tampa to go to Busch Gardens or another Orlando campground, but just stick to Universal [Orlando] and Sea World [SeaWorld Orlando]

I just cannot justify this amount of money to Disney and not be able to do [the] basic things like 3 days in the par. For a place that was so special to us, this is so disheartening and frustrating. We’ll have the memories we made, but are going to lose out on new ones…and that is sad for us, but even more so for our 3-year-old.”

As you can see in the above tweet, it says a “few will understand”, and more than a few did. You can read a number of replies posted underneath Ptook’s initial tweet below: 

Ptook has contacted Walt Disney World about their recent experience, and has promised to post “anything” should a response be received. Stay tuned for further updates.

It’s sad to write, but we’re hearing more and more of these stories. 

Have you had a bad Walt Disney World experience recently? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your story. 

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  1. There’s plenty to complain about with the current state of WDW with price increases, long lines, less entertainment, and the complications of using their new paid genie+ system. However, this person is complaining because the parks are sold out. How is it Disney’s fault if their parks sell out before you decide to attempt to make a park pass reservation?

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