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Universal Orlando Surveying Annual Passholders About Theme Park Reservations [Update]


Original Article: According to a tweet posted by Attractions Magazine (@Attractions), Universal Orlando is surveying Annual Passholders about how they feel about requiring reservations to go to their theme parks. You can read the tweet @Attractions posted below:

“Universal Orlando seems to be thinking about requiring reservations to go to their parks. A recent survey sent to annual passholders asked them how they feel about it.”

Attractions Magazine via Twitter

Whilst nothing is set in stone or confirmed, it would appear to us that Universal Orlando are considering the same sort of theme park reservation system Walt Disney World uses (Disney Park Pass system).

The mention of Universal Orlando surveying Annual Passholders about theme park reservations sent fellow Twitter users and guests into meltdown. You can read a number of replies posted underneath Attraction Magazine’s initial tweet below: 

One Twitter user somewhat questioned the legitimacy of the information in @Attractions’ tweet. However, the established outlet clapped back in a timely manner:

As of publishing this article, we have reached out to Universal Orlando for comment. Stay tuned to further updates. Thank you Attractions Magazine for allowing us to write and embed your tweet. 

Update: Via their Twitter account, Universal Orlando have told us the following:

“Hey there! The survey was created to gather feedback as we continue to evaluate our offerings to provide an optimal experience for our guests. Scenarios in the survey are all hypothetical, and any official changes to policies or requirements will be communicated via our website.”

Universal Orlando via Twitter

Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for more Orlando theme park-related news and information.

H/T Attractions Magazine 

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