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Realistic Plan of How to Train Your Dragon Land at Universal’s Epic Universe 


It can be hard to understand something when it’s just black lines. However, this should help!

Twitter user @tommyhawkins (Tommy Hawkins) has produced and posted a realistic plan of the rumoured How to Train Your Dragon land at Universal’s Epic Universe

With that being said, let’s take a look at the realistic plan Hawkins has produced.

PLEASE NOTE: Hawkins-produced descriptions will be provided under each image you’ll see below. This will allow you, the reader, to understand what you’re looking at. 

Credit: Tommy Hawkins (Image #1)

Image #1: “Apologies, in my sleep-deprived stupor I managed to delete the tweet the other night, so now I have the time recovering I thought id make some tweaks, this layout is taken from documents in the public domain, I’ve tried to make it more realistic to show the grading plans.”

Credit: Tommy Hawkins  (Image #2)

Image #2: “Gonna pick out some of my fave details. and have an exciting observation I have made in my analysis. First up, the Statues in the lake will have flames, note the coaster goes into the trench under the bridge, before the helix.”

Credit: Tommy Hawkins  (Image #3)

Image #3: “As construction continues, with @bioreconstruct aerials. start looking out for the topography in the coaster station area being [formed]….part of it sits in a valley of sorts and the station seems to be 10-12ft above the area to the right.”

Credit: Tommy Hawkins  (Image #4)

Image #4: “The topic of childrens’ play areas came up this week, I think raised by @ScottGustin, honestly the planned area in Dragons land looks so much fun and so vast.”

Image #5 and #6: “The final most exciting point of analysis in HTTYD* land, that I thought would be completed from day 1, is the grading plan shows an approx 1.6acre area of flat unused space available to expand. It’s about the area of Mummy show building.”

*How to Train Your Dragon

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