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DISCUSS: What Universal Orlando Ride Needs Updating? 


In a thread on Reddit, fans discussed what rides at the Universal Orlando theme parks need to be updated. 

FYI: This discussion took place on the fan-run Universal Orlando Resort community page of the social media platform. 

Two days ago, user u/Sean_Elo started the thread titled ‘Rides that should be updated imo’ with the following: 

“Forbidden Journey: Not too bad, but could use a few months of refurbishment. Dialogue lags sometimes. Romping willow tends to not move sometimes, every bit of behind the scenes can be seen in the dementia scene, but still a ride. 

JP River Adventure: I want to start off by saying I’m a firm supporter of bringing the Jurassic World River Adventure to Orlando, but that’s a different story. What inspired me to make this list was my last few rides on it, including today. The gates never open/close anymore and not updating the ultrasaur in the beginning is the animatronic equivalent of elder abuse, we all know how bad it is. All the herbivores could use a touch-up or even replacement (too expensive I know). The narrator only came on for 1/3 of the usual amount. I also know there’s a parasaurolophus stuck underwater somewhere, I see it like once a year. Other than that I think the carnivore area is still decent, although one of the raptor’s jaws is fucked up. 

Cat in the Hat: I know the whole spare part manufacturer not in business story, but Jesus Christ what the fuck. 

Edit: I did not include ET (bc they’re waiting for Spielberg to die), Fast and Furious (I want it to perm close), Mummy (its already being refurbished), RRR/MIB (I haven’t been on either in some time).”

Some of the rides suggested in the replies actually make sense to us. You can read several of them below: 

u/tealcandtrip: “Fast and Furious, with new higher definition animations that reflect that it is no longer is 3D. Make Vin Diesel smaller than the helicopter. Or retheme it to the Knight Bus and have it ride through the streets of London. Update Gringotts and Hogwarts Express with Emma Watson’s voice, since we’re dreaming. Make more scarabs drop out of the wall in the Mummy Ride and update the queue video to 16:0 and HD. Add more TVs to the new outside queue area so you can keep the story. I like the story dammit. Of course, I would have liked it much more if I could get my cup of coffee! Retrack Rip Ride Rocket. Or just replace it with euro fighter coaster.”

u/circle_of_snakes: “Has anyone here been on Men in Black recently?? Almost every time I’ve visited in the last 6 months or so, it’s been delayed/closed – I’m familiar enough with operations to understand it’s old and has issues but I’ve yet to hear anyone else bring it up! I really miss this attraction!”

u/tylersixxfive: “Cat in the Hat is rough. I get the whole parts thing so no more spinning but holy cow paint something and update the animatronics at least.” 

u/Marcella_Fii: “Escape from Gringotts and Hogwarts Express, because I’ve heard that the voice chose for Hermione for those rides (Emma Watson was unavailable at the time sounded awful. Maybe they could do a short refurb to replace that voice with an actress that sounds more like Emma? Or if she’s not too busy, actually put Emma’s voice on the ride?” 

u/Eatatfiveguys: “…JPRA I think will get the next major refurbishment in the next year or two, that ride needs a lot of new animatronics. Cat in the Hat might just get scrapped tbh, I don’t see why they keep it when they can build a new ride off of a more recent IP. You might be right about ET or they also give a major refurbishment. Fast and Furious might just close tbh and they can expand Diagon Alley or just put another ride there. RRR will get replaced in the next 5-10 years due to track wear (just like Hulk and Dragon Challenge). MIB I could see going soon but they also might refurbish it (could go with Simpsons in 2028).” 

Acronym Glossary

Fast and Furious, FastnFuriousFast & Furious – Supercharged
MummyRevenge of the Mummy
GringottsHarry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts
Rip Ride Rocket, RRRHollywood Rip Ride Rocket
ETE.T. Adventure
Men in Black, MIBMen in Black: Alien Attack
Simpsons The Simpsons Ride
JP River Adventure, JPRA,Jurassic Park River Adventure
Forbidden JourneyHarry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
HulkThe Incredible Hulk

You can read the rest of the interesting thread here.

With that being said, what ride at the Universal Orlando theme parks do you think needs updating? Let us know in the comments below. 

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