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Family Sues SeaWorld After Assault at SeaWorld Orlando 


A family from Florida is suing SeaWorld for more than $100,000 after claiming they were assaulted by another group of guests last May and security staff at SeaWorld Orlando did not help to either prevent it or assist them properly afterward. 

In a lawsuit filed in Orange County circuit court last month, Aimee, Michael and Connor Johnson, along with Holly Witt on behalf of a child, allege that they were seriously injured because security at SeaWorld Orlando was lacking. 

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs said they were followed by a group of teenagers after confronting them for acting aggressively in line for a ride, and they couldn’t find security staff before the group of teenagers attacked them. 

The lawsuit also suggests employees did not intervene during the fight and security staff let the perpetrators leave afterward, this led to another confrontation in the parking lot while the plaintiffs were heading to the hospital. 

In a court filing, SeaWorld’s lawyer denied all the allegations and said that under Florida law, the park has a duty to protect its guests. The filing said the plaintiffs’ injuries were caused by their own negligence or carelessness and that they seemingly provoked the group of teenagers. 

An Orange County Sheriff’s Office representative confirmed deputies responded to reports of a fight at SeaWorld Orlando on the 2nd May, 2021. However, further details were not provided. 

The lawsuit cites several instances of employees failing to protect the Johnson group on the 2nd May, 2021. 

Whilst in line for an undisclosed ride, a group of teenagers started running into them in front of staff, according to the lawsuit. 

The lawsuit says the other group started threatening them when confronted, and after they got off the ride, the teenagers were waiting for them near the exit.

The group walked away but the teenagers followed them, causing them to look for security, according to the lawsuit. 

They claim the teenagers then assaulted them and they had to defend themselves even though employees in the area could have intervened, records show. The Johnsons and Witt claim security only arrived after the group was injured. 

Security staff took statements and information but let the teenagers leave afterward, the lawsuit says. The group asked for an escort to the parking lot so they could go to the hospital, and SeaWorld sent one person to accompany them, assuring them “there would be no issues,” litigation says.

However, the teens were waiting in the parking lot and drove circles around them, according to the lawsuit. The plaintiffs claim they called for SeaWorld’s assistance again, however, only one staff member arrived only as the teenagers were leaving. 

The plaintiffs said they needed medical attention and continue to suffer physical and mental pain after the incident, but the lawsuit doesn’t offer any details on their injuries. 

A jury trial has been requested. According to records, a court date has not been set. Stay tuned for further updates. 

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H/T Orlando Sentinel

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