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Social Media Influencer Sat on Guest’s Feet to Get Best Spot for Cavalcade 


An individual claiming to be a social media influencer sat on another guest’s feet in order to get the best spot for the cavalcade* at the Magic Kingdom

*FYI: Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade (Parade).

The Instagram influencer who boasted she had 20,000 followers plopped down in front of another woman and sat on her feet intentionally, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office report. 

The woman moved her feet away, and the influencer claimed the spot. The recently released report doesn’t name the influencer. The incident occurred on Saturday 2nd October, 2021.

As the parade was approaching, Cast Members asked the influencer twice to move her feet from the street. She ignored them. 

Eventually, the woman told the influencer that Disney wanted her to move.

“I heard them. Who do you think you’re yelling at?” the influencer said, according to the recently released report. 

“I was just saying I was out of the way so you could move,” the woman responded. 

The influencer tapped the woman’s sunglasses and then bragged that she had 20,000 followers on Instagram.

A manager at the Magic Kingdom asked the influencer and others to get out of the way for the incoming parade. The manager sided with the involved female, telling the influencer that the female and her party were there first. 

“So that’s what this is about?” the influencer said. 

The woman and her party soon left the spot to move somewhere else, but they noticed the influencer following them. She contacted Walt Disney World Security, which alerted the sheriff’s office about the incident. 

The woman didn’t want to prosecute, however, the influencer had gone by the time an officer arrived. 

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