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Remembering When: ECV Caught Fire at Universal Orlando


Back in August, a guest’s ECV* caught fire on a walkway between Universal Orlando CityWalk and the parking garages. The photo below shows the mobility scooter in flames.  

Credit: Denielle Syphrett

As the photo above shows, Emergency personnel had cleared the area before the fire had spread. 

The guest who was using the ECV at the time told WDWNT the following: 

“It just stopped and caught fire. It went up in a minute, thanks to another park goer who said “sir I think you are on fire” or else I would not have known. my wife was on the moving sidewalk and passed me and by the time she got to the chair it was engulfed.” 


We must add that the guest went on to thank the Universal Orlando security team and everyone involved in handling the situation. 

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H/T WDWNT (Article 1, 2)

*Electric Convenience Vehicle 

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