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New Aerial Photos Show Construction Progress of Universal’s Epic Universe [Part #1]


It’s fair to say construction is progressing nicely. 

Thanks to Twitter user @bioreconstruct, new aerial photos show the construction progress of Universal’s Epic Universe.

With that being said, let’s take a look at these new aerial photos.

PLEASE NOTE: Original captions for the photos will be provided (find at the bottom of the article). This will allow you, the reader, to know what you’re looking at.

You can find more aerial photos of the upcoming and under-construction Universal Orlando theme park here.

Photo Captions 

  • Image #1: Aerial overview of the EU site. Center of the park is about where the tall pole is. A large circle etched in the dirt is where a fountain basin will be in front of an in-park hotel. Various themed land work sites have fencing and different site conditions.
  • Image #2: Aerial overview of the EU site. Parking lot to be built in foreground, a traffic circle can be seen leading to the toll plaza road at right of it. Destination Pkwy at lower left. Road into site from it is currently signed: Public Rd.
  • Image #3: Aerial overview of construction of EU. Center of the park about where the tall pole is, and to right is a circle that will be a fountain basin in front of an in-park hotel. Many details and variety of work to ponder. Arrow at some of the attraction staging.
  • Image #4: Aerial overview of many excavations and earth moving in progress at EU. Bottom center is a line of earth moving trucks. First concrete work in the park itself is lower left.
  • Image #5: Aerial look at sections of EU. Top left is believed to be Nintendo land, and outline for a show building can be seen. Center with blue fence is likely a staging area for initial construction, then a park expansion pad. Active excavation in the section in foreground.
  • Image #6: Aerial look at some of the construction in EU. Top left is the first concrete work, now with wall construction. Bottom center has recently added walls. Top right is center of the park, with outline of a circular fountain basin. Much site prep in progress.
  • Image #7: Aerial look at where day guest parking for EU will be. A traffic circle can be seen under construction at left, for a road connecting to Destination Pkwy. Road bed spanning to left center connects to the Kirkman Rd extension.
  • Image #8: Aerial photo looking South across what will be day guest parking for EU. Running left-right at top is SR 528 Beachline, with Universal Blvd interchange top right.
  • Image #9: An aerial overview of EU.
  • Image #10: Aerial look at what’s on the other side of the fences and berms along Destination Pkwy. Center right is an intersection with “Public Rd”, into the EU site.

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