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Remembering When: Guest Publically Defecated After Exiting Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios Florida 


Please be aware, this isn’t a news story. However, this post is a part of our Remembering When article series. 

Back in October 2021, Inside The Magic published a story about a guest that publically defecated after exiting the now-closed Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios Florida. You can read what the outlet wrote about the accident below:

“As we have discussed, some guests have in the past decided that they were going to urinate publicly. One guest reportedly urinated in the queue of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and another outside of E.T. Adventure. Now, we’ve heard that another guest went #2 at the exit of Shrek 4-D. 

Universal guest Marco N was once exiting the attraction when he noticed another guest in front of him could not make it to the bathroom. In haste, Marco witnessed that the guest ended up publicly defecating on the stairs. 

As you can imagine, not only is this embarrassing for the guest, it would have ruined the experience of the guests around them, as well as [putting] the Team Members in a very unfortunate situation of having to clean it up.” 

To this day, it’s unknown what caused the guest to publicly defecate. However, we can safely assume it was because of a medical issue. The guest could have been intoxicated, however, we failed to come to the conclusion.

The founder, owner, and editor of Orlando Theme Park Zone has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), so he understands the involved guest’s situation (should it be a medical issue). he also understands the embarrassment the guest must have felt. 

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