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Fans Share Their Unpopular Walt Disney World Opinions


In a thread on Reddit, fans shared their unpopular opinions on Walt Disney World.

FYI: Fans shared their feelings in the thread on the fan-run Walt Disney World community page of the social media platform.

User u/galactic_princess started the discussion/opinion-based thread titled “What are your unpopular Disney World opinions?” with the following: 

“Mine is that figment isn’t as terrible as people say it is. I grew up with that ride and every time I go on it so much nostalgia comes back to me!”

Some of the unpopular opinions shared in this thread are quite interesting. You can read a number of them below: 

u/59tigger: “It’s overpriced and quality has sunk dramatically. The magic is disappearing with their greed. Where are the overseers of Walt’s Vision?” 

u/crystalann4491: “I never want to go back. Insanely expensive, way too crowded to enjoy anything even with reduced capacity, and going during an off time. Don’t get even get me started on trying to eat there. Mobile ordering is terrible and has way too many issues. Restaurants will be “booked” yet literally half the restaurant is empty (no, I don’t mean like every other table empty for social distancing, I mean literally half the restaurant). The reservation system sucks, the genie app sucks, genie plus is a complete ripoff. Any vacation that requires me to plan exactly where I want to eat and what time of day I want to eat months in advance is not worth it. Next time I spend this kind of money on a ‘vacation’ I’m going to Hawaii. Seriously never doing this again and what it cost for what we got is just disgusting.” 

u/streakybcn: “Hated the new ratatouille ride at EPCOT. Purchased 5 lighting lane passes and rode it. The film quality was too dark and the story moved too fast for me to keep with. I sat on the end of one of the cars and could see the edge of the screen on all the rooms.” 

u/23onAugust12th: “The Wizarding World at Universal blows every themed land at WDW out of the water.” 

u/takamichikorita: “The new lights on Spaceship Earth make it look like a carnival ride. It’s okay when it’s just doing the normal colour gradient, but all the flashy routines it does are too much.”

u/ClassicVeterinarin: “Toy Story Land is a waste of space in my opinion. The theming looks cheap to me, Slinky Dog Dash is not worth waiting in line 180 minutes for, Alien Swirling Saucers is a ride that can be found at any other theme park. Midway Mania can stay.” 

u/lotmsrox123: “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is overrated. I paid for lightning lane but would be pissed if I waited 100 minutes for it. 

u/Georgerobertfrancis: “Disney World is slowly making itself not worth visiting at all.” 

You can read the rest of this thread here. You won’t regret checking it out, we promise you that.  

Do you have an unpopular opinion on Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below, we’re interested to hear them. 

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