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Cast Member Spotted Selling Drinks in Queue of Na’vi River Journey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney at Heart (Blogspot)

In a recent thread on Reddit, fans engaged in a lengthy discussion about a photo that showed a Cast Member selling drinks in the queue of Na’vi River Journey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

FYI: This discussion took place on what we can assume is the fan-run Walt Disney World community page of the social media platform. 

Three days ago, user u/masupo42 started the discussion/thread titled ‘The line for Navi River Journey is so long, they have a Cast Member selling drinks halfway through’ by posting the following photo: 

Credit: u/masupo42

Some of the 225 replies to this subject are fascinating to read. You can read several replies of them below: 

u/damnyoutuesday: “I’m honestly blown away Disney hasn’t had this permanently implement on rides with notoriously long lines.”

u/Bruggok: “WDW is missing out on a great opportunity. Selling drinks in [the] queue can enable selling bathroom access and not lose your spot in [the] queue. Pay up unless if you want to lose your spot in [the] queue or pee your pants.”

u/general_grievances_7: “Bad idea…make people have to pee in a four-hour line or whatever it was haha.” 

u/adventurelandlady: “Honesty, I wish they would do this on all long lines.”

You can read the rest of the interesting thread here. Please note, there’s a significant amount of “hate” for the attraction within the post. 

Furthermore, with the talk of “pee” in the above replies. We have to add that restrooms are available in the queue for Flight of Passage – find out more here

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What do you make of the idea of drinks being sold in the queues of Walt Disney World attractions? Would you purchase one or would you have a drink on hand? Let us know in the comments below.

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