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Guests Allegedly Used to Have Sex “Alot” on EPCOT Monorail at Night


In a Reddit thread in which past and present Cast Members shared behind-the-scene Walt Disney World stories that the public doesn’t see, one particular story caught our attention.

Reddit user u/heil-hydra* revealed guests used to have sex on the EPCOT monorail a lot at night: 

“Monorail pilot here. People have sex on the Epcot monorail at night a lot and act like we don’t know. We always know.”


Some of the replies to this particular story are hilarious. You can read several of them below:

u/whataboutmydynamite: “Do you at least let them finish?” 

u/palmtree23: “Can confirm. Did this with my boyfriend on my high school trip to Disney. To be fair, we did not complete the act just achieved penetration. Made the mistake of bragging to a couple of friends and my nickname until graduation was Monorailed.” 

u/drummin4life: “I got a hand job from my gf on a band trip on the monorail. I was chafed a a mutherf**ker though.”

u/g8kpr: “For some reason I picture Mickey rapping to a live feed in the underground.” 

*Since this particular story/thread was posted seven years ago, it’s unclear whether u/Heil-Hydra is still a monorail pilot or a Cast Member for that matter.

You can read the rest of this insightful Reddit thread here

It’s fair to assume that this happened pre-Coronavirus (COVID-19), however, it wouldn’t surprise us if it’s happening now…what with guests behaviour in the parks at the moment. 

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