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Child Tries to “Goose” Shrek at Universal Studios Hollywood


According to Google definitions, “goose” (informally) means poking someone in the bottom.  Inside The Magic initially reported this encounter, you can read their article on the encounter here

We have come across a TikTok video (posted by user @johnnymetro77) that appears to show a child try and “goose” Shrek (meet and greet character) at Universal Studios Hollywood. You can watch the video in full below: 

Inside The Magic’s Andrew Boardwine summed up the “situation” perfectly: 

“…The young guest runs up behind Shrek and as a Universal Team Member jumps in to protect Shrek, he moves away. While there doesn’t seem to be any ill intent, touching the characters is off-limits and these kinds of situations, while they may not seem like it on the surface, can be very dangerous for the actors and guests.”

Andrew Boardwine, Inside The Magic 

As a friendly reminder, characters should never be touched inappropriately and all Team Members/Cast Members should be respected.

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