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Blue Man Group Out, Special Effects Show Maybe In?


As with any kind of rumour, this information should be considered unofficial until Universal Orlando confirms.

On the 1st February, 2021 Blue Man Group announced that they were leaving Universal Orlando. Just over a week prior, we reported in an article which Theme Park University’s Josh Young wrote, alleging that the Blue Man Group (BMG) wasn’t going to return to Universal Orlando.

Now that it’s official, what can we expect to happen to the Blue Man Group space? According to Young, the space is set to become part of Universal Studios Florida (USF) yet again.

Fans will know that the theater was initially part of the Nickelodeon tour that went behind-the-scenes of Nick Shows when USF first opened. In order to compete with Disney Springs (Downtown Disney at the time), Universal Orlando decided to use that space for Universal’s CityWalk (CityWalk) once Nickelodeon “moved out.”

According to Young, Universal wanted their own show that could draw folks away from Walt Disney World and make CityWalk more appealing. While BMG did well in the beginning, Young says the show hasn’t been very popular for a few years. Global pandemic or not, BMG wasn’t going to survive much longer. 

Young suggests that Universal has discreetly been working on a replacement for the BMG. As a majority of travel experts agree, theme park attendance is expected to explode later this year and early 2022.

This means that Orlando parks are expected to fill up a lot in the coming year. How do you add capacity to USF quickly? The BMG (previously known as Sharp Aquos) theater is the “quick and dirty” way to do that.

You have the stage, you have the seats. All that’s needed is a show and a few alterations to the stage. Here’s something interesting we learnt from the Theme Park University writer:

“If you’re thinking something like an east coast version of the Secret Life of Pets ride, you’re on the wrong track. Likewise, it’s not a version of the How To Train Your Dragon show headed to Universal Studios Beijing (well, not in this theater anyway). None of those are quick or dirty (cheap) enough.”

Josh Young, Theme Park University

Bare the following in mind, this needs to open next year, 2022. Preferably before the summer if possible. Consequently, Universal has approximately a year to make adjustments to the soundstage to get this up and running.  

Because it’s already set up as a theater, it makes more sense to use the soundstage as a theater for a future USF show. Young says a set of entry and exit doors so guests can queue up for and exit the theater. So, there’s a little bit of construction there!

Additionally, you’ll need to build a queue space for it. Young says its likely that the new queue for the theater show will be to the right of the Universal Plaza stage. This will give Universal a “double whammy” and allow for a permanent queue for some Halloween Horror Nights houses as well.

What is the front runner rumoured to take over the space? The Special Effects Show at Universal Studios Hollywood (USH). For those who don’t know, it’s kind of the like The Horror Makeup Show at USF but based on special effects. It includes comedy actors, guest interaction and stunt provided by Action Horizon Stunts.

You can watch the USH show below:

Action Horizons are a company that provide and train stunt guys and gals for movies and theme parks. Whilst they are mainly based out on the west coast, The Bourne Stuntacular means that they have a crew in Florida. Essentially, the company easily staff the rumoured show…

Young suggests that the USH clone would be updated for the Florida version to include new special effects. Hypothetically, this would be more of an “action” show more than an educational one. Please be aware, talks are still preliminary stages.

Speaking of, this is a fair time to remind those of you who don’t understand how the theme park industry works: this is not official. No one chisels theme park plans into stone tablets. Things change all the time based on budget, timetables, ego and more. I had my ear to the ground about Blue Man Group closing. Maybe this info isn’t being pulled out of thin air either? Nah. I look forward to reading your fan theories in online forums!

Josh Young, Theme Park University

This information was initially reported by Theme Park University.

Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for more Orlando theme park-related news and information.

H/T Theme Park University

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