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Something Big is Missing at Universal Studios Florida! [Update]


Original Article: If you’re a fan of the iconic Jaws photo spot in Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando, we have some bad news to report.

Bruce, everyone’s favourite shark, has disappeared! Where did he go? AllEars.net’s Kylee Gano has some ideas:  

“Did he finally make a master escape back to the sea? Terrorizing more beach dwellers? Didn’t think our coffee was good enough?”

Kylee Gano, AllEars.net

It’s fair to say his absence caused some panic, however a tweet by Universal Orlando reassured everyone:

Hopefully, Bruce will back soon so that guests can take more selfies with him.

H/T AllEars.net

Update: In a recently published Orlando Sentinel article, Universal Orlando confirmed that Bruce is backstage undergoing maintenance.

“It’s backstage undergoing maintenance and will be returning, Universal Orlando confirmed.”

Dewayne Bevil, Orlando Sentinel

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