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Sunset and Nighttime Photos of Jurassic World VelociCoaster


Twitter user @bioreconstruct has posted a number of high-quality sunset and nighttime photos of the Jurassic World VelociCoaster (JWVC) at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. So, lets take a look at these spectacular images including two videos.

PLEASE NOTE: Original captions for the photos will be provided (find at the bottom of the article). This will allow you, the reader, to know what you’re looking at.

Photo Captions

  • Image #1: Silhouette of JWVC at sunset.
  • Image #2: JWVC at sunset. Seems like another step has been completed in construction. No more extremely bright lighting at the site.
  • Image #3: JWVC at night. No more extremely bright construction lighting.  
  • Image #4: December 14th photo of JWVC at night, with star filter. Brighter the light source, bigger the star effect. Extremely bright construction lighting seems to be removed from the site.

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