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Self-Described Disney Parks “Expert” Labelled Rude for Refusing to Tip Via Napoli Server [Update]


Original Article: A self-described Disney Parks “expert” and blogger (influencer) has been labelled rude after refusing to tip a server following a meal at Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion at EPCOT.

The influencer spent $50 for pizza with toppings including pepperoni, red peppers, olives and more.

When the bill arrived, the influencer and her party were advised to leave a tip of the following amount: 18% – $8.46, 20% – $9.40.

For the record, you should always tip the server. Good or bad service, it’s good etiquette.

However, instead of thanking the server who served them, the influencer wrote the following on the bill’s receipt: “Sorry not to tip but this price is outrageous.”

Images of the bill (see below) have been circulating on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Many slammed the influencer for being inconsiderate for not tipping the server. Several tweets commenting on the influencer’s actions can be found below:

Find more comments in the reply of this tweet. Due to the issues regarding libel, we will not name of the influencer or make a comment on this story.  

H/T Daily Mail

Update: Going by the Instagram post and video below, it would appear this Disdad was trying to make things right. This needed to be added to the article:

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  1. This woman is a piece of work. She stole tips and ideas from other Disney Facebook groups and Disney vloggers, compiled into a pdf and sells it for $90. She also has questionable tax advice to claim your vacations on your taxes and this woman has a following over 250k followers on FB. The reviews on Amazon are quite interesting, “Disney within Reach”.

  2. This woman is a piece of work. Her claim to “fame” on being a Disney expert is from stealing tips and ideas from other Disney vloggers and groups. She compiled it into pdf and has been selling it for $70-$90 the past few years. That’s right, for $90 you can get the same advice that is free online except for the questionable tax advice she wrote herself. “Disney within Reach” reviews on Amazon are quite interesting yet she has a following of over 250k followers on FB and has suckered so many poor moms into this “system”.

    • You are right about this ! I’ve read that she says to write off the trip on taxes by saying you are there for work/photography or something .

      She is very scammy !

  3. Each addition topping is minimal $4. This pizza already has sausage, she added 5 additional toppings. It’s not the wait staffs fault she can’t do math. This is so wrong.

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