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Orlando’s Theme Parks Haven’t Seen Any Coronavirus Outbreaks So Far


Orlando’s theme parks have had some cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the past few months since they reopened, but as of this past Thursday, Orange County’s leading doctor says they haven’t had any outbreaks so far.

Dr. Raul Pino from the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) in Orange County said the fact that guests are primarily outdoors when they visit Walt Disney World, Universal and SeaWorld Orlando makes it harder for the virus to be transmitted.

Even though there have been cases associated with the theme parks, the FDOH official couldn’t provide an exact figure. In a press conference, Dr. Pino said:

“That is not to say that we haven’t seen a case here and the case over there that refers to parks, like ’I was there last week,’ ‘I was there, you know, three weeks ago’ but we are looking for (outbreaks) and we have not found it.”

The FDOH official followed up his statement by saying the theme parks have strict safety measures such as requiring masks and safety checks plus they have cleaning protocols in place. On the parks’ strict safety measures, Dr Pino said during the conference:

“The parks are taking great measures and they have gone to great lengths to be able, you know, to open and to prevent the transmission, but’s it’s also the whole thing of an open space I think is what’s making the difference. And also, the parks are not full. They are operating on probably less than 50% capacity and that may be a contributing factor.”

As of this past Wednesday, Orange County has documented a cumulative total of 35, 245 cases, according to data from the Florida Department of Health.

In recent days, the local state of the pandemic has improved with Orange County reporting a 5.2% daily positivity rate this past Wednesday and a 95% recovery rate.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings credited residents wearing masks and social distancing for the reduction in new cases.

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