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Spaceship Earth Leaking Water Onto Guests at Epcot


It would appear Spaceship Earth at EPCOT is still having issues, with persistent leaking affecting the attraction’s entrance.

This issue has been ongoing since 2018, and continues to this day, with water dropping onto guests as they enter the queue for Spaceship Earth.

Credit: WDWNT

In the photo above, you can see the water running down the panels of the geodesic sphere, trickling down in front of where the wait times signs are.

As the photo below shows, the ground at the attraction’s entrance is wet from continuous dripping. Where the leak is, guests either pass through or wait to enter the socially-distanced queue.

Credit: WDWNT

Initially “written off” as a minor leak, this issue continues for days after it rains due to a seriously damaged drainage system.  

Whilst the delay of Spaceship Earth’s reimagining and refurbishment made many EPCOT fans happy, the attraction is still in need of repair.

However, It’s safe to assume that repairs won’t be addressed until the reimagining project starts.


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