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Proposed Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Nighttime Parade “No Longer on the Table”


As with any kind of rumour, this information should be considered unofficial unless, and until, Disney officially confirms.

Following our article on the scaled-back plans for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration, one thing that also might not happen is a new nighttime parade, which was reportedly coming to the Magic Kingdom.

This information was brought to our attention by WDWMagic forum user LiterallyNobody, courtesy of WDW Theme Parks.

According to WDW Theme Parks, the forum user is reporting that “a new nighttime parade is no longer on the table”.

Back in 2018, Former Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, Dan Cockerell confirmed that the above would be revealed by 2021. Listen to the interview in the video below:

We don’t know if the parade Cockerell disclosed related to the 50th anniversary; however, it’s safe to assume that it is for the anniversary celebration. You can find a whole rumour timeline for this particular subject here.

Expect official confirmation as, and when, we receive it. What do you make of this information? Let us know in the comments below.

H/T WDW Theme Parks

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