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Disney May Either Overhaul FastPass+ or Scrap It Entirely


As with any kind of rumour, this information should be considered unofficial unless, and until, Disney officially confirms.

A trip to Walt Disney World is a very different experience at this time, what with social distancing, health regulations and the significant absence of FastPass+.

The absence of FastPass+ means that guests don’t have to make reservations for popular attractions a month or so in advance, instead, they can enjoy an unplanned trip to the theme parks.

During the no FastPass+ period, Disney is reportedly evaluating the system and deciding what they want to do with it in the future.

At the start of this year, we reported on a possible paid FastPass+ system coming to Walt Disney World. However, it would appear that Disney still hasn’t decided what they want to do.

WDWMagic forum user Martin Smith (Smith) in a thread recently talked about FastPass+. Smith hinted that the future is yet to be determined.

When questioned about FastPass+ queues in attractions and what may happen to them if FastPass+ were to go away, Smith said:

“They’ll still be available to AUTHORISED groups of guests.”

This tells us that there will be some kind of line-hopping in the FUTURE, regardless of what happens with FastPass+. A paid system, something like MaxPass in Disneyland, could introduce a paid way for guests to avoid prolonged waits.

Smith adds,

“There’s several options but the exact details are still [to be determined]. Unless it goes south and the plans.”

Because of the current climate, all plans Disney have are subject to change. Even their announced plans, such as indefinitely delayed Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge, could be scrapped or overhauled.

That being said, it can be suggested that any unannounced changes could shift considerably if/when they’re completed. Asked whether FastPass+ could vanish completely, Smith said:

“All bets are off at the moment. One of several scenarios is no FP. But it’s an inching forward work in progress.”

At this time, there’s no way of knowing which way Disney will go with FastPass+. It would appear that there are a number of options on the table currently. A formal decision may be difficult – near on impossible – to make while Walt Disney World’s theme parks are dealing with the current climate – health and safety regulations.

We anticipate the FastPass+ system currently evolving into something completely different in the future. What that will be, and when that happens, is unknown at this time.

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