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Argument Ensues After Autistic Child Refused Entry to Walt Disney World Theme Park


Update: Another video of the same father arguing with another Walt Disney World Cast Member has emerged online. Watch below:

It’s important to add also that his TikTok account has been completely overhauled.

Original Article: A father took to TikTok to upload two videos of an argument with a Cast Member after his autistic daughter was refused entry to a Walt Disney World theme park.

The reason for her entry being refused was because she couldn’t comply with Disney’s current facial coverings policy.

For the record, the father told the Cast Member the medical* reason for her not being able to wear a face mask is due to her sensory issues.

With that being said, watch both videos below:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Transcriptions for both videos can be found below:

Video 1:

Father: So, I just want to verify one more time. My daughter, who is mentally disabled, autistic with sensory issues, you are gonna not allow [her to] enter the park. You’re gonna discriminate against the mentally handicapped. That is your policy, correct me if I’m wrong!?

Cast Member: She needs to comply with various facial coverings [Inaudible]

Father: *Her doctor says, she can’t wear it. Are you a doctor? Is the person that wrote your policies a doctor? I’m just wondering… Since you’re breaking federal American with Disability Act Laws [ADA], where are you getting the information that’s giving you the right, you think, to break the federal law? What is this based on? If it’s not based on a medical doctor, what are you basing your discrimination on?

Cast Member: Sir, I’m not to speak [on] that…[Inaudible, father shouts] Father:

Well, who can I speak to because I…

Video 2:

Father: Who is the highest person you can get me to?

Cast Member: I’m going to ask you to, please, I understand you’re frustrated but we need… [father interrupts]

Father: Understand I’m frustrated. Cast Member: …Taking the volume and the words here [father interrupts once more]

Father: I paid thousands of dollars to come here and now you’re discriminating against my child.

Cast Member: I don’t discount what… [father interrupts yet again]

Father: No, it’s not what I thought. It’s… I don’t sit in front of a TV and a screen all day. Therefore, I’m able to read, and actually read the [ADA]. I am able to think for myself, not what some idiot on TV to think and look at medical research. And, ask a doctor, who had been educated .

For the record once more, COVID-19 Walt Disney World policies are clearly stated on the website for the iconic resort. This father, in our opinion, has been mislead and misinformed when booking his trip.

We’d like to conclude this article with an exceptional tweet from someone who has autism and sensory issues as well:

What do you think of this father’s actions and words? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. … how the hell could someone be able to get this far into the entrance of Disney World without going online!?!? Couldn’t he have CALLED the place to order tickets and then have them tell him there is a mask mandate in the park?!?

  2. I feel like a personal connection to Disney World before planning a trip would have resulted in a much better experience for this father and his child with autism. I have 2 mentally challenged sons 40 and 44. I would never try to access a park with them in the midst of this novel coronavirus unless I could assure myself that they would be able to comply with Park requirements, mainly wearing a mask.

  3. This man is full of it and deliberately causing a scene. If his daughter is that sick she’s even more at risk. CPS needs to step in!!!!

  4. Bring your daughter into the parks next year. A lot of people can not go into the parks this year. Deal with it. I feel like this was all meditated. He knew what he was doing and he wanted to go viral.

  5. The parents are ridiculous, they planned this for 2 years so *had* to go *now* of all times but didn’t call disney to confirm and just assumed things and had the nerve to play victim when it was their own negligence that led to this. The child is autistic, it’s hard for them I’m sure but the child can also be a covid carrier, what right do they have to impose a risk on other visitors who do comply by the rules? Nobody is saying they can’t go at a later point in time when things calm down, but their insistence for it to be now is negligence.

    The crying also garners no sympathy when it’s just entitlement.

    I’m generally and often outraged by injustice but this is laughable that they think themselves in the right.

  6. My husband had surgery years ago and now sports a metal plate in his neck with several screws. Upon leaving the hospital he was given a card, signed by the surgeon, and showing the area where the metal is. When we fly, he shows this card to TSA and if his neck lights up, they check around his collar, and all is good and we’re on our way.

    My point is: if the father knows his child acts this way, why didn’t he asked for – or her doctor offered – a similar such thing for her? For all Disney knows, she’s a little diva that Daddy doesn’t want to upset.

  7. I’ve reviewed Disney’s website and no place does it specifically say that if a person has a medical exemption they will not be allowed to enter without a mask. In fact it does not specifically say that face shields are not permitted as an alternative either. Ambiguity leads to miscommunication!! I think there is fault on both parties. Having a special needs child the family should have very clearly and specifically addressed this with reservations upon making same. Meanwhile Disney needs to be more clear that anyone that may have a medical exemption in their state will still need to wear a mask as defined in the Disney policy. I’d like to see how this turns out.

  8. I have an autistic child. This whole thing has been beyond trying. For all the people saying they just have to deal with it , and just practice at home you obviously have never had a special needs child. We are not talking about a behavior issue, or a child who just doesn’t want to wear it. We are talking a mental disability that results in a full blown panic attack. That leads to an utter meltdown and hysteria. My son is 15. He tried. God did he try. But he can’t do it. The schools exempt him, the churches exempt him. I find it ludicrous that a theme park can’t.
    I agree the father should have called ahead and found out before they went. But Disney is wrong for not allowing an exemption for special needs. At least set aside a certain day that is dedicated for them if “normal people” don’t wish to be around them. My son has been locked indoors since March because he can’t go anywhere outside of church or school without someone saying something nasty to him not having a mask on.

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