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Walt Disney World Theme Parks May Only Operate 5 Days a Week in the Foreseeable Future


As with any kind of rumour, this information should be considered unofficial unless, and until, Disney officially confirms.

With Walt Disney World park hours reduced, it’s possible we may now see the days when the parks open are reduced as well…or so one WDWMagic forum user believes.

This information was brought to our attention by a thread on the forums started by user Pheneix – which you can read here.

This is what the forum user said on the subject matter:

“Now, lets talk about attendance at WDW. It’s effing bad. It’s Hard Rock Park bad. It’s Dubai bad. It’s the worst attendance in the history of the resort. Epcot is lucky to hit 2500 a day and usually is only hosting a few hundred at a time. Magic Kingdom is tormentingly underperforming.

There is simply no demand to fill the park out even to its limited capacity. The other two parks are also in dire straits but, due to their smaller size, there are certain days they can make a go of it. And yet still, the resort business is the iceberg and the WDW parks are the titanic. This will not end well.”

The forum user added,

“The situation is dire. Unsustainable. WDW parks will be dropping to five day weeks soon. They will likely not be alone in the practice [suggesting Universal possibly].”

Various sources on the same thread have heard the same information.

Again, until anything is officially announced, this information should be considered unofficial and a rumour. As always, stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for more.

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  1. It’s COVID’s fault, it’s not going to operate for just five days a week, don’t listen to these users on the WDWMagic forums anymore, delete this at once

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