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Extensive Work Planned for Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover


As with any kind of rumour, this information should be considered unofficial unless and until Disney officially confirms…

According to Cast Members Mike of Blog Mickey spoke with in the land, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (TTAPM) is likely to receive extensive work over the coming weeks, and potentially longer.

The Blog Mickey owner and writer hasn’t been able to verify said claims, however Cast Members from the attraction are telling him that the TTAPM is receiving a full replacement of all of the magnetic linear induction motors along the 5400’ track.

It’s fair to suggest the attraction had been having issues just before the parks closed which led to some prolonged downtime.

Allegedly, Disney had been trying to replace the motors as they failed, however with lower crowds in the theme parks this summer, they have decided to go down the full replacement route.

As you might think, the work is extensive. Mike of Blog Mickey was told it “could take a month or more.”

Presentl, the TTAPM has been removed from the My Disney Experience digital map, and is not officially listed as under refurbishment.

After reading further material, we had learnt that the attraction received an updated status in the My Disney Experience App and the Walt Disney World website.

Credit: Blog Mickey
Credit: Blog Mickey

TTAPM has been changed to a status of Temporarily Unavailable. Furthermore, all operating hours for the attraction have been removed.

Disney has not commented on the status of the attraction. However, we will be reaching out for comment.

We firmly believe this extensive work needs to happen following past incidents.

Source: Blog Mickey

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