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Disneyland Paris Worker Tests Positive for Coronavirus


A maintenance worker at Disneyland Paris (DLP) has tested positive for Coronavirus, DLP has revealed. 

DLP employees are now checking on colleagues who had been in contact with infected employee, who tested positive over the weekend. 

According to BFMTV, DLP insisted that the infected worker had worked behind-the-scenes and was not in contact with visitors to the park.

Three people have been ordered into quarantine so far after reportedly coming into contact with the worker, according to Le Parisian

The worker was a night-shift worker who had been on sick leave for several days before testing positive, DLP said. 

A DLP spokesperson told French media that the park was making supplies of alcoholic hand gel available to guests today. 

Furthermore, DLP management will try to keep tourists a safe distance apart when they queue up for attractions. 

Source: Daily Mail, BFMTV, Le Parisian

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