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Ride Vehicle Malfunction Leads to Haunted Mansion Closure at Magic Kingdom


In case you’re unaware, the Haunted Mansion has been closed for the past several days at the Magic Kingdom.

When Mike of Blog Mickey spoke to Cast Members, they told him they were not sure when the attraction would reopen, possibly signaling a significant issue for the ride.

Via Blog Mickey, we now have a “first-hand account” of what went wrong on Monday night, 2nd March, 2020.

According to an anonymous source, there was an issue with the omnimover track and the ride vehicles (Doom Buggies/DB – DBs) that lead to the attraction’s closure.

DBs was not turning correctly and started making loud, clunking sounds before the attraction closed and guests were evacuated.

Blog Mickey was told that guests went down the sloping part of the track exiting the attic scene facing forward instead of backwards like normal.

As anticipated, it was uncomfortable to descend facing forward. Guests who evacuated the attraction told Blog Mickey that several of the DB was turned the wrong way.

An anonymous source sent Blog Mickey the following photo…

Credit: Blog Mickey

In the photo above, you can see what appears to be the scene where ghosts “join” your DB. The DB on the right in the photo appears to be turned away from the window seen in the background.

Normally, the DB would face the window. The DB on the left is also incorrectly “directed perpendicular” to the window. We can’t tell you exactly what caused the DB malfunction,  we can’t say how extensive the problem is.

As mentioned in the opening of this article, Cast Members don’t know when the attraction will reopen, however, it has been closed since 9:30pm on Monday night.

As of writing this article, the attraction remains closed at the Magic Kingdom with no definite reopening date or time. Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for more on this developing story.

Source: Blog Mickey

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