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Walt Disney World Releases Statement Regarding Coronavirus


With two confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Florida, Disney has released their first statement regarding the virus and how it affects Walt Disney World at this time.

Via People Magazine, Disney released the following statement:

“We know there is new information this week about Coronavirus in Florida. We have stringent sanitation procedures in place at Walt Disney World Resort.

We are in close contact with health agencies for information and guidance, and at this time, we are continuing to communicate to our Cast the importance of preventative measures such as frequent handwashing and rigorous cleaning processes.

For guest convenience, we have placed additional hand sanitisers throughout our parks and resorts and will adjust our protocols as the situation warrants.”

In case you’re unaware, Disney has already closed Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland due to the virus outbreak.

Source: People Magazine

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